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Culture and Safety in Africa

Douala Flow

Douala Flow is an sound-video installation by Roberto Paci Dalò. It is an immersion into Douala’s present life through images and sounds.

Images basically come from maps and cartographies. Soundwise are used brodcastings from Douala’s radio stations in order to create an aural environment made out of today’s sounds processed and recomposed. The work is entirely based on maps of Douala. Especially through data anlysis related to particle systems and cloud points is created the final video. The project draws inspiration from a scientific investigation on Douala by Marta Pucciarelli, produced within the broader research project “Mobile Access to Knowledge, Culture and Safety in Africa. Documenting and assessing the impact of Cultural Events and public art on safety and security” (led by SUPSI). It highlights how the discrepancy between oral knowledge and knowledge as reflected in the digital realm is evolving over time. “Douala Flow” is based on a series of dynamic maps which are linked to voices and sounds from radio stations in Douala, celebrating today’s living city.

Douala flow has been presented for the first time during the exhibition ‘Making Douala 2017-2017’ at the Ausstellungsraum Klingental in Basel (June 25th – July 9th, 2017). After this premiere, it has been projected on the open air stage of the Thêatre Source-Diedier Schaub in the neighbourhood of Ndogpassi, Douala (Camerun) during the international urban art event – SUD Salon Urbain de Douala (Decemebr 10th).

artist: Roberto Paci Dalò
visual programming: Federico Magli / òè studio
project manager: Chiara Somajni
research: Marta Pucciarelli
special thanks to: Andrea Santicchia, Caroline Ngouegni
production: SUPSI
17 minutes, video, B&W, stereo sound, 1.87:1