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Culture and Safety in Africa

Fundação Arte e Cultura

Name of the cultural space
Fundação Arte e Cultura

on the institution
Founded in 2006, the Arts and Culture Foundation reopresents the social contribution of Mitrelli Group (formerly Group LR ) in Angola. Its mission is to contribute to the preservation and dissemination of cultural, artistic and historical events in Angola, romoting the national culture, supporting established and unknown artists and institutions that have social engagement; investing in the creation of cultural centers “spaces where users have free courses in music, dance , visual arts , poetry , capoeira , theater , sewing and crafts”; investing in volunteering and health.

on the space / location
The cultural centers of the Foundation, situated in neighborhoods of Luanda and Huambo. They are provided spaces for painting, teaching courses, children care, dance and other activities. A temporary exhibition space is also included.

level of significance
The spaces aim at being social referencefor children, youth and women, where they can develop artistic and free professional skills.