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CELAMAR Art Center

Name of cultural space
CELAMAR Art Center

on the institution
It was created by Marcela Costa, painter and weaver with 33 years of career, the “mother “ of large annual exhibitions – such as “ VI Mostra d’Arte Woman “ and “ Coopearte “. She is considered precursor of the women visual artists claims the importance of “ being a woman and being African”.

on the space / location
The Celamar gallery is a space with exchange studios, residency, as well as workshop facilities for artistic display and it is a reference in the Angolan capital. The structure provide also spaces for music trainin, a stage and indoor-outdoor multifunctional spaces for different activities. It’s also a workshop that can be shared by many artists especially during two annual exhibitions – Coopearte and the Woman ‘Mostra d’ Arte’. The first event takes place in March , the second from July to October. Both are open to the participation of national and foreign artists, which makes them a attractive for many artists not only Angolan.

level of significance
It’s impiortance is both liked to the space itself, a sort of island in the city where artists of different ages and levels can train their skills. Hitorically, Marcela Costa and CELAMAR have been also a symbol of the epowerment of woman condition through art. The exhibition spaces and the several events and exhibitions provide concrete chances for local artists to display and sell their pieces.