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Mosaic Benches

Name of Artwork
Mosaic Benches

Location and Accessibility
In each of the HBY parks: JL De Villiers Park (cnr Doris and Joe Slovo), Donald Mackay Park (cnr Abel and Joe Slovo), Alec Gorschel Park (cnr Fife and Joel), Le Roith Park (cnr Clarendon Place and Edith Cavell) and Pieter Roos Park (cnr Empire and Victoria). General precautions are advised when walking in and around the parks in the HBY area.

Level of Significance
Significant Individual Artworks (series)

About the Artwork
The decoration for the benches was designed and executed by Thomas Nkosinathi Ngulube, a Johannesburg based sculptor. The benches are made out of concrete and clad with decorative mosaics and in some instances carved wooden elements and bottle-tops. The artist worked in collaboration with the construction and building company contracted to produce all of the urban furniture and paving as part of the overall Hillbrow-Berea-Yeoville urban development programme. Ngulube drew both on the human and natural forms to be found in parks – from bottle-tops through to the forms of games and plant life – in developing designs that transform what would otherwise have been dull but functional seating into attractive and welcoming furniture. The entire project, commissioned by Trinity Session/Ngwedi Design, cost in the region of R160 000.