Mobile A2K

Culture and Safety in Africa

Mobile A2K Methodology Guide 1st Edition is released

Mobile a2k Methodology Guide 1st Edition is available in the documents section. The Methodology Guide is the first attempt to guide the research implementation and to build a report and a discussion about it. It is focused on the comparative and interdisciplinary nature of the research, and it contributes to define and evaluate those slippery issues which express the potentiality and the need of this study.

The guide is divided into three parts.

1. The project description presents the project and what we want to accomplish.
This part provides the necessary background on the research.

2. The research components explain the tools and approaches we are using to implement the research.

3. The terminology and literature review offer a better understanding of what we are talking about, though some essays and the fundamental literature review.

Thanks to open licenses, the structure of Mobile a2k Methodology Guide is based on the aca2k methodology guide (April 2008,, it is built upon its premises, it is modified to address our focus and it is made available, once again, to others.

During Mobile a2k Kick Off Workshop organised in Vico Morcote Switzerland in March 2012 and during the following editing phase, around twenty people have contributed in designing it.

A second edition of the Mobile a2k Methodology Guide will be published by the end of 2013 and it will be reedited according to your feedback.