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Espace de jeux

Name of Artwork
Espace de jeux, 2013

Location and Accessibility
The artwork is located in the square of Vallée Bessengue. It is accessible by crossing the Passerelle de Bessengue and it is positioned on its left side.

Level of Significance
Proximity artwork, architectural installation

About the Artwork
Espace de jeux is the prototype installation of a playground produced by Raumlabor, a group of architects from Berlin, for SUD 2013. The installation is a wooden structure, in form of a prolongation of the trunk of the only tree positioned on the border of the Mbopi River. Espace de jeux is built on many levels that reach the first branches of the tree. It offers scaffolds of different areas and heights for people to sit and rest in the shadow.

About the location
Espace de jeux is positioned at the entrance of the square Vallée Bessengue, in front of Thomas Fashion Shop. In the last ten years, the Vallée Bessengue has become a meeting place for children, who are used to go there to spend their afternoon playing football; for young people, who meet and date there in security during the night thanks to the recent installation of lampposts; and even for women, who meet there for chatting while shopping. However, the only conviviality space to sit and rest under the shadow (or lampposts) is at the other side of the place, around the Borne-Fontaine. Espace de jeux provides a new conviviality space, primarily dedicated to children.