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Le puit

Name of Artwork
Le puit, 2010

Location and Accessibility
New Bell Ngangue, facing Yamguen House

Level of Significance
Passageway installation

About the Artwork
The Puit is a work by Loris Cecchini produced for SUD 2010. The artist designed to coat and to shape the external perimeter of a well with reproductions made of concrete of the tanks, generally used to collect the water in the neighborhood. The concrete tanks have been irregularly displayed on two levels, echoing the weight of the difficult access to water, frequently transported by women and children on their neck.
About the location
The well is located outside the courtyard of the house of artist Hervé Yamguen. On one side it is surrounded by a small botanical garden belonging to the artist, where one can find plants of traditional medicine. On the other side, the well is accessible by a dirty patch crossing the neighborhood. The area surrounding Yamguen’s house has become an important cultural landmark for locals, and for an international audience who accesses the neighborhood mainly to visit the artist’s atelier. Since 2002, Hervé Yamguen and the Kapsiki Circle, a collective of artists from Douala, have organized in and around this courtyard a variety of events, including: a fashion show, night movie projections, and several art exhibitions at the K-Factory, the first exhibition space of New Bell, set-up by the Kapsiki circle, in the building just in front of Yamguen’s house.