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Madiba Square

Name of Artworks
Madiba square, 2013

Location and Accessibility
Three installations are located throughout the Block 1 of the Bessengue neighbourhood. They are accessible passing by the Vallée Bessengue.

Level of Significance
Proximity-passageway artwork

About the Artworks
Madiba square is a set of three installations conceptualized by Pascale Martine Tayou for SUD 2013. Each set is composed of a group of three concrete columns, each one placed on a circular base, large enough to sit down. At the upper end of each column there is a reversed basin or bucket of common use, made of plastic and of different colors. Each group of columns forms an area on its own, within which a rectangular block of concrete serves as a bench. The idea of the artist was to strengthen the recreational activities in the areas of transition of the neighborhood by providing footholds and conviviality points in the proximity of houses, where it is possible to stop, to lean against, and to rest.

About the location
The installations of Madiba Square are all located in Block 1 of Bessengue, following a path inside the neighborhood that was paved after the installation of the Borne-Fontaine by a World Bank Project. The path of Madiba Square leads from the Borne-Fontaine of the Vallée Bessengue to a well of the inner neighborhood.